Our state-of-the-art dental equipment includes as a standard of care computerized dental charting, digital Shick x-ray technology, intraoral cameras (Shick and Spectra), 3D CAD/CAM crown technology (CEREC), rotary endodontic instruments, etc. We are proud to be the first dental office in Secaucus offering the revolutionary CEREC 3D technology. This amazing CAD/CAM system allows our dentist to instantly create porcelain crowns and onlays and insert the restorations at the same visit thus giving you a one visit crown treatment. We also recently added the latest breakthrough in carries detection called Spectra Intraoral Camera (Carries Detection Aid). This device has a potential to show bacteria deep within the tooth structure even when hidden by stain and old fillings. It’s a great aid in the early detection of carries and prophylaxis.