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This is a brand new breakthrough technology which was more widely introduced to the dental world in the past few years. Within a short period of time it has shown amazing results and has rapidly grown to take a revolutionary place in the prevention of dental carries and conservative treatment approach.


The handheld intraoral camera device emits high-energy LED light to the tooth surface which is capable to detect hidden bacteria within 2mm depth into the tooth structure. It shows level of florescence corresponding to the concentration of bacterial products within the tooth. The image presents different bacterial concentrations in different colors: yellow, orange and red for the high levels and blues and green for low level or lack of bacterial porphyrins. The image not only exhibits very vividly to the patients the amount of decay in their tooth structure but also aids to the dentist in the treatment process by helping excavation of carries in most efficient way without unnecessary removal of healthy tooth structure and without risks of leaving any bacterial products behind.

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