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Additional Policies

Please be advised that as of 5/01/2020 to reflect the new infection protocol policies put into place for COVID-19 there will be a $10 protective equipment fee applied to each patient visit. The fee is to cover the increased cost related to PPE for each individual patient. The fee will be due by the patient at the time of the appointment. Should the patient’s insurance carrier cover this fee as part of the claim at a later date the fee will be refunded to the patient.

Our Policies

We at Nova Dental Center strive to provide high quality and time efficient dental service to all our patients. In order to achieve that we have set up certain office policies:

– Please be advised that if you are 15 minutes or more late you will be asked to reschedule your appointment. Last appointment of the day 10 min. We cannot delay the appointment following yours nor can we compromise on the quality of the work in your mouth and have it done in a shorter time then needed. Please call us if you are running late so that we can advise you if you should come or reschedule your appointment.

– Appointments cancelled less than 24 hrs and no shows will acquire a cancellation fee. We will take into consideration unexpected events however we will ask for you to give us as much notice as you can. There will be no consideration given to no shows and patients with history of multiple cancellations.

– Patients must INFORM our office about any new or updated insurance information prior to their appointment. Failing to do so will result in full responsibility for unpaid treatment by the insurance company. We will confirm your insurance prior to your first appointment at our office. However we will not know of any changes that may occur after this point related to change of employer, insurance provider/plan or use of your benefits at another dental office/specialist. If you don’t inform us about these changes prior to your appointment you may acquire an unexpected balance.

– Amounts listed on treatment plans are ESTIMATED based on the insurance info we have gathered over the phone from you insurance carrier. It is NOT a guarantee of payment. If we do not receive the estimated payment because your insurance company downgraded a procedure will be responsible for the difference. We will attempt to give you as close estimate as possible as of your financial liability for the needed treatment. However sometimes after the procedure is billed some insurance plans downgrade it to a lower fee/quality materials. For example if you have had white fillings done and the insurance downgraded them to mercury fillings because they are not on front teeth, or you had a porcelain crown done but your insurance plan only will pay the amount for a full metal crown. In such occasions you will receive an additional bill in the mail and you will be responsible to pay the difference in the price between metal and porcelain material. We chose only the best dental materials and keep our standard to the highest quality of dental care.

We reserve the right to refuse treatment at our facility to patients with history of multiple failed appointments or patients who are disrespectful to our staff members.
Thank you!

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