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Nova Dental Center is a general dental practice offering full range of dental diagnostic and treatment procedures.

Preventive and Diagnostic Procedures

These procedures include your regular check-ups and cleanings. To examine your mouth more thoroughly and to achieve much better diagnosis we utilize the newest digital x-rays and intraoral camera imaging. All findings and treatment plans are recorded by using paperless dental charting.

Tooth Colored Fillings

In today’s dentistry composite materials are used to fill small and medical size cavities. These materials are custom matched to the natural tooth shade to achieve aesthetic invisible restorations.

Porcelain Onlays, Partial and Full Crowns

Dental Crown

Onlays and Partial crowns are restorations that cover multiple surfaces of the tooth and are used in cases when the remaining tooth structure is significantly weakened and cannot support regular composite filling. They are manufactured from porcelain and by being bonded within the remaining tooth they restore its integrity and strength. Full crowns are cap-like porcelain restorations covering the full surface of the tooth and presenting with visual appearance of a real intact tooth. Most of these restorations are manufactured and inserted by our dentist in one visit by using our 3D Cerec Technology.


These are very thin porcelain laminates, which are bonded onto the surface of the front teeth to allow the dentist to create beautiful “Hollywood” smiles even when we start off with crooked and discolored teeth.

Teeth Whitening

In teeth whitening bleaching gels are applied on the top of the teeth either by using custom made bleaching trays at home for 15-30min or at the office in one start to finish visit. Even though the final result is strongly individual and cannot be guaranteed we tend to see significant and in many cases astonishing outcome.



Invisible Orthodontis for adults using clear custom made brases called aligners. The aligners are made using computerized virtual model of your mouth predicting tooth movement and showing the expected final result. Invisaling gives you a way to achieve perfectly aligned teeth without compromising aesthetics for the duration of the treatment.

Pediatric Dentistry

We offer full range of general dental procedures for patients 3 years of age and up. Our dentists strongly believe that the first few dental visits in life set the stage for one’s future dental health and we work hard to create pleasant and exciting experience for our little patients.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals treatment is usually done on teeth with permanent nerve damage caused by infection or trauma. The procedure can be one or multiple visits based on the anatomy of the tooth affected- number of canals, curvature of the canals, etc. After the root canal treatment has been completed  the dentist will place post and crown to restore the tooth integrity and function.

Periodontal Treatment

This procedure also called Scaling and Root planning is intended to clean the hard bacterial accumulation (calculus, tartar) below the gum line to treat gum disease. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and usually requires from 2 to 4 appointments. After the deep cleaning patient are required to follow regular periodontal maintenance cleaning schedule.

Oral Surgery and Dental Implants

If tooth is destroyed beyond repair and extraction is best choice of treatment we can chose to perform the extraction at our facility if it’s simple, non-surgical procedure or refer the patient to specialist dentist for more complicated surgical extractions.

Dental implant is a full tooth replacement for area where the natural toot has been extracted. The procedure consists of 2 steps: The first surgical step is the implant placement which is done by an Oral Surgeon. After the healing process had been completed the remaining portion of the tooth is restored in the restorative step, which consists of placement of abutment and a crown done at our office. The full process may take between 6 to 12 months and it’s based on the individual’s speed of bone regeneration.

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